About Myself

Bob Chugani

Psychonaut, Artist, Lecturer, Meditator

He grew up in Dubai, and China. His journey with art began as a teenager with doodling and graffiti, spraying Dubai street walls in the dark of night with his peers. His venture into coding began with hacking into university computers to set up XDCC bots during the early days of mIRC. He now holds a degree in Information Technology and Graphic Design. He got into cryptocurrency in 2017 buying Etherium and Chain Link. His art and this project is heavily influenced by his experiences with psychedelics, particularly epic trips on mushrooms in Koh Phangan, Thailand and on LSD in Goa, India. Not to mention the music that he grew up on, jazz, blues, and psychedelic rock. Bob now lives on the beautiful tropical island Bali, with his wife and daughter.

This project was born in a flow state, on a surfboard in middle of the warm Indian Ocean at the beginning of September 2021. He was out on his own catching some waves, and somewhere between sets, as shards of sunlight danced on the surface of the ocean, simple patterns emerged that would later become the inspiration for the appearance of the Groovy Collections.